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We are educated women and as far as the world sees it…that makes us armed and dangerous and we plan to keep it that way. In fact, we want you to understand yourself and your body with so much confidence that you can go after everything you’ve ever dreamed of. There’s power in leaving the feeling that your body is some rogue machine behind and stepping into deep understanding.

We know that when women are well, we change the world! Research has shown that when women are empowered with wealth they infuse it back into their communities at a rate that’s astronomically higher than males. We empower women through health which inevitably increases wealth. Those same women pass down knowledge and power to the women in their network and that pinky, is how we take over…I mean change the world.

We like really nice things here but it isn’t all white pants, monstera plants and smoothie bowls over here. There’s chronic disease, mental health struggles and angel babies behind the powerful women of KuRated Care. We want you to know that truly – we will meet you where you are.


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What people are saying about us


“…so knowledgeable, relatable and personable, I had a great time during my 90 minute initial consultation. Thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and feel very optimistic about the process and a positive outcome.”

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“I am so grateful to have found the KuRated team online. I have felt extremely cared for and valued during all virtual and in-person appointments. I finally have found someone who cares about discovering and treating the root cause of an issue instead of just the symptoms.”

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“[my practitioner] is kind, caring, and very knowledgeable. She thought of things others have overlooked for years. We are working together to find the ROOT of the problem, not just deal with symptoms, which is refreshing, Highly recommend!”

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The KūR Journal

How to Get the Most Out Of Therapy

How to Get the Most Out Of Therapy

It’s important to know that even the best therapists aren’t a good match for every client! It’s not uncommon to hear people report “therapy doesn’t work for me” but usually when you dig a little deeper the therapist just wasn’t a good match.

How To Find A Naturopathic Doctor

How To Find A Naturopathic Doctor

Location:  Of course location matters if you are attending your appointment in person. If you’re working with your Naturopathic Doctor in person, you’ll want an ND who’s clinical location is close to either your work or home. The KuRated Care Collaborative also offers...

How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant Once you decide to get pregnant, you may begin to wonder how long it’ll take for that to happen. This is especially true if you can’t conceive after some time following that bold decision you made. Most people begin to worry at...

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