Factors that May Cause Infertility

Infertility, according to popular belief, is the inability to conceive children. However, it is important to understand that this definition is not straightforward. According to experts, no one is truly sterile unless a hysterectomy has been carried out. Because of this, the chances of a couple having a healthy pregnancy are determined by their position on a spectrum. Thanks to the advancement in medicine, as well as the use of alternative therapies, treating infertility, has become accessible to many more couples and individuals. A visit to your local naturopath could be all you need to solve your infertility problems.

It is also important to know that many factors cause both temporary and permanent infertility, and below are some of them:

Irregular Ovulation

Ovulation refers to the process where an egg is released into the fallopian tube from the ovary. It can be a source of worry if this process is not occurring as it should. Although irregular ovulation or ovulatory disturbance is a factor that causes infertility, this condition is also triggered by other factors of which polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of them. This can be investigated and treated with naturopathic treatments.

Anatomical Issues

This is another factor that could result in infertility, and this can be in many forms. One of them is the case in which the fallopian tube is blocked. In this situation, the sperm would not be able to get to the egg, and as a result, the egg cell would not be able to reach the uterus. This problem can be solved with IVF, a procedure whereby the egg is fertilized outside the body and afterward placed inside the uterus.


Just like other parts of the body, the reproductive cells are also subject to aging, and they can sustain certain damages that can affect the efficiency at which they function and thereby leading to infertility. It is important to know that as you get older, the level of your hormones begins to change, and in women, these changes start about ten years before menopause. When these hormonal changes affect the chances of given birth, antioxidant supplements can be used to improve the chances of pregnancy.


This also is one of the most important factors that tend to cause infertility in couples. Individual lifestyles like smoking could trigger other factors that will eventually lead to infertility. Stress, lack of sleep, and diet are other factors you should take note of. You can see a naturopath for a thorough examination.

Male factors

This is a case where infertility is caused by an abnormality in the quantity and quality of sperm produced by the male. This factor is also as common as the female factors causing infertility, and it can also be triggered by other factors like aging, environmental changes, and health issues like obesity.

Finally, it is essential to know that infertility experienced by a couple can be a result of one of these factors or a mixture of two or more. It is also necessary for you to be aware that childbearing is not just determined by fertility and infertility, as other factors need to be put into consideration for this to happen. Working with a Naturopath is a great way to ensure all your bases are covered when working towards optimizing your chances of getting pregnant and improving treatment outcomes when working with a reproductive endocrinologist.

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