facilitate the smooth flow of energy throughout the body

A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain; however evidence is now confirming what many have known for years.


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Acupuncture is great for pain, stress management, improving digestion, regulating menstrual cycles, increasing chances of conceiving especially when combined with reproductive technologies, stress etc. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your energy channels and meridians. This removes blockages to facilitate the smooth flow of energy throughout the body.

When it comes to how acupuncture works from a functional perspective we know that the needles disrupt the nervous system. In the case of pain relief – this nervous system disruption leads to the release of chemicals, by the body, that act as painkillers. When a needle is placed into a particularly tight muscle, it relaxes and releases. Oxytocin levels rise during treatment which turns on your the rest and digest branch of your nervous system. This means deep relaxation and healing can begin as your system switches its fight or flight response off.

What you can expect:

Before deciding on point selection your practitioner will ask you:

  • About your symptoms, behaviours and main concerns.
  • About any areas you don’t want needled
  • Questions and/or concerns you have before beginning treatment

Your care provider may examine:

  • Any areas that are stiff or painful where relevant.
  • Your tongue
  • The colour of your face
  • The strength, rhythm and quality of the pulse in your wrist


Your acupuncturist or Naturopathic Doctor to insert VERY thin needles into specific spots on your body. Insertion usually causes little discomfort. You can expect to be able to keep your clothes on to the degree that they don’t impede locating and needling to points selected. Otherwise, if you are asked to remove your clothing, undergarments are always left on and you will be covered as much as possible at all times similar to the approach used while getting a therapeutic massage.

This initial evaluation and treatment may take up to 60 minutes. Subsequent appointments usually take about 30-45 minutes.

A common treatment plan for a single complaint would typically involve one or two treatments a week. The number of treatments will depend on the condition being treated and its severity. In general, it’s common to receive six to eight treatments.

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