Meet Kate

Dr. Scott is a Kingston Naturopath also working with patients in the Greater Napanee, Gananoque and surrounding communities. Contact Dr. Scott, today!

Q: Name a few of your favourite things

A: My daughter’s laugh, baby kicks (on the inside), my hunky husband (preferably with his Carharrt’s on – dirty hands and all – OR rolling around on the floor playing with the babies), iced-coffee, yoga pants, a full passport, white orchids, long days by the lake, spontaneous adventure, farmer’s markets, surrounding myself with creations made by local artists + makers, a solid sweaty workout and Sunday mornings.

Q: Favourite smoothy combination?

A: I love a basic green smoothy – you just can’t go wrong! Kale, Spinach, Mixed Berries, Ground Flax, Protein Powder – Voila! I try not to over complicate my daily go-to’s.

Q: What’s your favourite title:

  • a) Doctor
  • b) Lady Boss
  • c) Entrepreneur
  • d) Social Influencer

A: Nope, nope, nope, nope – It’s “momma”

Q: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: You guys know I eat at least 6 different things at every meal, right? I’m practically a toddler when it comes to this. Yikes. I’d have to research this… What’s the most life-preserving food? And, I don’t mean the latest super food. What single meal could sustain me for the rest of my existence? I have things to do, people! Can I call a friend? Do I know an astronaut who has these answers?

Q: Someday you want to…

A: Travel and speak abroad (with the family in tow) and write a book!

Q: When did you first know you wanted to be a Doctor?

A: I don’t think anyone wants to know the real answer to this one… It starts like this: a competitive 3 year old decides NOT to listen to her mother (for the first and last time – sorry mom!) and plays tag in a hockey arena. My brother was on the ice at the time and I was determined to escape from the child chasing me – no matter the cost. I slipped into one of the team change rooms, grabbing the heavy steel door on my way inside in order to slam it shut before I was tagged. I slammed my ring finger in the door. My mom wrapped the remainder of my crushed finger, called my brother off the ice and barrelled towards to local children’s hospital. On arrival the triage nurse didn’t believe my mother – I was three, standing still, seemingly unshaken and determined to get my hand away from my then almost 10 year old brother so that I could assess the damage (for myself?!). The doctors were worried I would be too upset to watch them suture but my only request was that I could watch. The doctor and nursing staff, as my mom reports it, were in awe. I sat, stoic and curious as the doctor re-attached my severed digit. When he was done, I said “good job” and told my mom I wanted to be able to sew people’s fingers back on when I grew up. “So, you think you might like to help people?” “Yes, I’m going to be a Doctor!” And, so it began.

Q: What’s your favourite junk food?

A: I’m supposed to tell you I like dark chocolate covered almonds or something, right? I’m going to get real for a second and say this: I’m a Canadian girl – what do you think?! Poutine…with a side of beaver tails – that’s a close second. (And for those of you none-Canadians…we don’t actually eat real beaver tails (but some of us DO live in igloos – just not me, not even close) they are sugary pastries in the shape of a beaver’s tail)