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Healing with science & nature.

Naturopathic Medicine promotes health and healing through natural therapies including lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, supplementation and tradition Chinese medicine (TCM) including acupuncture.


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These modalities allow us to prevent acute and chronic illnesses while reducing the burden on the conventional medical system and addressing the underlying cause of dis-ease which often ultimately leads to less reliance on pharmaceutical medications (and hence, a reduction in their possible side effects).

Naturopathic Doctors are trained in the primary care assessment and diagnosis which means they are able to identify and/or rule out red flag conditions that do require referral to a Medical Doctor or conventional medicine specialist, assess the need for laboratory investigations, order and interpret your lab work, deliver a naturopathic diagnosis and treat accordingly.

Below are a list of Modalities that NDs at KuRated utilize

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine, also known as herbalism or herbal medicine is based in the use of plants or plant extracts that may be consumed or applied topically to the skin. Traditionally, the line we now draw between nutrition and botanical medicine didn’t exist – teas, herbs added to traditional meals and even tinctures were consumed regularly as part of one’s day to day routine. Today, in many cases, our pharmaceuticals are synthetically derived versions of the active components of a plants healing property. Herbs in the form of extract, tinctures, capsules, tablets and teas are often recommended as a practical, efficient and effective way to address a wide variety of health concerns.


Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique utilized to decrease pain and inflammation within the body through the movement of Qi. Beyond the thousands of years of traditional use that kept entire populations healthy for centuries, researchers have now studied Acupuncture extensively. The research reflects the powerful natural of acupuncture and its ability to impact hormonal regulation and manage conditions causing pain through inflammatory processes.


Supplementation is often a second or third line treatment option in that we like to engage our patients in finding whole food sources of the specific vitamins and nutrients we might otherwise supplement. That being said, as a mom I know that sometimes easier is better and together we may decide to supplement for a short period of time in order to restore a certain acceptable balance before working on a whole foods based solution for the long term. In this way, we also avoid the costs that can accumulate when you’re on a long list of ongoing supplements and we can work towards a true shift in lifestyle that supports optimal nutrient intake and absorption.


Cupping is an ancient technique that, in more recent years, has shifted such that the majority of practitioners use plastic cups and a suction pump to control pressure rather than the traditional glass and flame method. This has been made more accessible to practitioners working in offices without appropriate ventilation and restrictions on open flames. You see, the original means of obtaining vacuum suction under the cups was to use alcohol and an open flame, drawing heat into the cup, lighting some cotton on fire inside the cup and allowing the lit cotton ball to exit the cup while turning the cup over to place it on the patient’s skin. With the use of the manual suction pump, we have facilitated pressure control and avoid setting off fire alarms in our commercial spaces.

Lifestyle Counselling

Lifestyle counselling encompasses many different things, including but not limited to: sleep hygiene, hydration, keeping active, guidance around the safety of personal hygiene products, sun safety, medication, goal setting, etc…

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition, simply put, involves the application of nutritional principles to a patient’s clinically relevant concern. I make nutritional recommendations based around not only what we know about foods and how they impact one’s physiology but also how food and its preparation fits into your life and the lives of your family members.

Holistic Facials

Personalized holistic skincare is like supplements for your skin! If you have skin complaints, you can expect a comprehensive assessment of the underlying factor that are likely affecting your skin concerns. Skin concerns are usually everything but skin deep.

Most skin conditions arise from internal imbalances related to Hormones, Inappropriate Stress response, Nutritional deficiencies, Diet and Food sensitivities and Underlying inflammation.

When I develop a skin care protocol for my patients, I take into consideration the unique needs of their skin based on a details health history. As a result, we end up treating a lot more than you skin!

When it comes to topicals though – its important to assess the needs of the skin at a cellular level and provide those cells with the factors they need to build us flawless, radiant skin.

If you have ongoing skin concerns – listen to what your skin is telling you. Your skin is a canvas painted with what the rest of your body supplies it with. When we sit down, I will act as your skins translator, assess your skin in-house, send you for testing where appropriate and provide you with a customized skin healing protocol.

KūRated has a talented team of professionals, licensed in Ontario, that are here to help and have advanced training in a variety of techniques.


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