Naturopathic Programs & Offerings

Our Signature Program – Kickstart Program

We at KūRATED believe that if you master the fundamentals of proper diet, sleep, stress management, and daily movement, you can have it all. We agree!

  • Get back to feeling like you
  • Get your hormones working for you not against you
  • Have skin that glows from the inside out
  • Finally feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning
  • Make meaningful changed in the kitchen
  • Have the energy to be the type of parent you want to be
  • KūRATE a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle
  • Reclaim your sex drive

Our Naturopathic Doctor supervised program allows you to work with a multitude of professionals to truly master the fundamentals in a way that makes healthy living intuitive. Living a life well KūRATED takes work but once you join our community, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner.

Want to Go From Jalopi to Julia in the Kitchen? Let’s Do This Thing!

Check out the shop for an amazing variety of KūRATED recipes and meal plans! No matter what you’re looking for, we have you covered from breakfast until wine-o-clock.

We know you want the best for your family and we know you know it can be fairly easy but alas, there is a gap between what you know and what you’re doing. Lets close it!

Our recipes make things straight forward and easy for you. There’s no need to buy a cook book, select your recipe, write out the shopping list or put it in your phone for later, just to loose it and start all over again next week.

No need to guess at how many calories any given meal is worth or how these foods are nourishing you. Each group of recipes comes with ALL that (sorry, no bag of chips!). You receive:

  • Detailed recipe(s), shopping lists listing everything you need to make the recipe(s), a detailed macro and micronutrient content for each recipe and each day, and in some cases, a guide in order to facilitate your prep where things could potentially get tricky.

Coming Soon | Fo(u)rks

You’ve been cruising Instagram and you’ve seen those fitness bloggers posting pictures of their chicken, broccoli and quinoa for months (lets be honest – maybe its been years?!). You’ve wondered if you’re doing something wrong but so far, your gut has led you to a place of knowing, although you can do better, that just doesn’t seem healthy…right?! You’ve been admiring their commitment to food prep as you scramble together everything but the eggs to get food on the table for you and your littles. You DREAD 4pm when you inevitably question what’s left in the fridge that resembles a meal – let alone one everyone won’t complain about.

We get it. We’re there with you. We’ve been there. We are you. BUT. TODAY. THINGS. CHANGE. We found ourselves struggling to get our pie crust together (see what we did there?) in the kitchen but just couldn’t. Even with our knowledge base, our training and our love of all things health – bridging the gap between what you know what what you do is TOUGH. Especially when you add in a kid (or four), a relationship, a business baby, responsibility to family and friends etc…

So we’ve created a digital product that supports you in reclaiming your kitchen one week at a time. We’ll (almost) literally hand you every utensil you need to put the fun back in food prep.