Nurse Practitioner Services


Primary Care and Breastfeeding support

Primary care: episodic medically focused care is available by our NP to people who do not currently have a primary care provider and wish to address general health concerns. Rhonda does not provide urgent or emergency care.

Nurse Practitioners are highly educated, experienced and regulated health care professionals. Our NP provides personalized medical-nursing consultation that is informed by current guidelines and treatment principles. Care is tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Nurse practitioners have graduate level education and clearly legislated scope of practice to prescribe medication, request and interpret necessary lab work and imaging. NPs assess, diagnose and treat health concerns across the life span.


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Our Nurse Practitioner can support you and your family in many ways. Take advantage of the free complimentary discovery call to see if NP services are right for you.

If you are already a client of KuRated Care, your practitioner can ask our NP for continuing care consults based on their findings. Our team works in a truly collaborative way and we are always considering who and what might be best for your care. As a member of our team, our NP may help support you in accessing the care you need. While she has no access to OHIP billing in her independent practice she does have the authority to order and refer you to services that are insured such as lab and diagnostic tests, and specialist referrals.

There are many ways to integrate our health beliefs to achieve positive change or to maintain good health. Increasingly people are looking for ways to use multiple services and specialties to achieve their health goals. Of course, if you currently have a primary care provider, please continue to see them for medical concerns within the traditional OHIP funded medical system. They are essential, expert care providers. However, we
want to recognize there are many in our community who cannot find a family physician or nurse practitioner right now and are looking for alternatives to bridge the gaps in care. Our NP is available to support you and your family in getting the assessment, care and support you need while you are waiting on the Health Care Connect (Health Care Connect – My Home Page – MOHLTC ( ) list for a primary care provider.

If you are outside or the Kingston region, she may be able to provide virtual care as
well. Remember discovery calls to discuss your needs with Rhonda are complimentary.

Here are just a few a ways she can help bridge the gap:

◉ Doing a thorough intake! No “only one question per visit” approach here!

◉ Investigation such as physical exam, laboratory testing and imaging as needed.

◉ Diagnosis, treatment and prescription medication management of common conditions related to physical and psychological health.

◉ Completion of necessary medical and insurance forms.

◉ Consultation with or referral to key specialists and specialty clinics when needed.

◉ Prescription renewal when needed.
Rhonda also provides specialized care as an NP related to:

◉ Supportive perinatal care and advanced breastfeeding support Rhonda is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

◉ Diagnostic assessment for disordered eating.

◉ Medical monitoring for patients managing an eating disorder who are in active treatment or are waiting for active treatment

KūRated has a talented team of professionals, licensed in Ontario, that are here to help and have advanced training in a variety of techniques.


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