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What if I told you the egg that made your baby was impacted by decisions made almost 100 years ago? This may be lifestyle decisions made my your grandmother or perhaps those made by your egg donors grandmother. This is because as a woman carries a child, research shows that her decisions impact the long term health of not only her baby but in the case of a female child, the woman’s potential grandchildren! Crazy, right? So, if you weren’t taking this gig seriously – you are now.

As a Naturopath in Kingston and servicing Gananoque, Napanee and the surrounding area, I have tools that allow me to optimize pregnancy and delivery beyond the run-of-the-mill care. Through implementation of an optimized diet, exercise, supplementation, acupuncture and herbal remedies we have the capacity to impact both short term and longterm health outcomes. Woman who work with a

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor are less likely to experience the following:

  • Medical Induction
  • Medical intervention during delivery (forcepts, vaccuum, c-section)
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Cholesterol Issues

Dr. Scott, as your Naturopathic Doctor, can help:

  • Help determine and treat the cause of your infertility if you’re struggling to get pregnant.
  • Assess your husband to ensure his sperm is performing optimally (men are the main infertility “factor” in at least 45% of cases).
  • Help you stay pregnant if you have a history of miscarriage
  • Once pregnant, ensure you and baby are getting appropriate nutrients throughout your pregnancy
  • Build you and your little a strategic supplementation plan based on where you are in your pregnancy and the specific needs of you and baby at the time
  • Instil confidence required to stay safe and active throughout your entire pregnancy
  • Optimize your c-section experience and reduce the impact of this intervention on longterm health outcomes for you and baby (I had a c-section with my first!)
  • Guide you through the transition into motherhood once your baby is born and ensure you’re equipped and ready to handle all the things we forget to talk about when it comes to infant and childcare: breastfeeding, milk supply, baby acne, colic, infant acid reflux, rashes, infant sleep, food introduction, developmental milestones and so much more

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